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“I’m just doing what I was told. Fuck you. I don’t have to talk to you.”

Trista Marshal
Cought red handed stealing approximately $5700 from two northeast states during The People’s Convoy Inc.

“He’s just some white-nationalist racist homophobic alt-right-wing media personality”

Jill Sheridan
8th Grade ANTIFA Teacher from Massachusetts

“Hey you’re looking pretty sexy in that cowboy hat of yours!”

Cynthia K.
My Wife

Does it bother you when radical progressives just lie and call you names??


Is it true that you both had COVID-19(84) and got better in a few days by taking the medications that government warned us against considering?

Yes. Twice actually. And now I’m wondering if some of those already approved drugs may help with the flu and other illnesses?

Why didn’t the government release the customer list of pedophiles from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial?

I think they have something to hide since the lists are filled with Public Servants and Hollyweirdo’s.

What’s that fleshy part between your forefinger and thumb called?


What’s the best way to stay in touch with Red Pill Politics and new content releases?

Registering on the site and subscribing to our mailing list is a good place to start. For extra insurance you should subscribe to our various archives and social media pages. Don’t bother looking for us on Facebook or Twitter; They suck.

What does Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 target?

Education…..Your kids.

So do you think the world is flat or round?

I sincerely don’t really give a $h!t because there are very evil and powerful people out there assaulting our freedoms and liberties, regardless of the Earth’s spacial morphology. We definitely should be focusing on more important things……Round!

What can we do with the politicians ACTUALLY HELPING Illegal Aliens enter/invade our country and the several states?

Obey the Constitution and simply enforce the valid laws we already have. These politicians (and anybody else for that matter) appear to be in direct violation of Federal Law Title 8, Section 1324, which carries a stiff penalty with jail time and each Illegal Alien is a separate chargeable offense.

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