Government now has numerous laptops full of evidence of child porn and organized trafficking and we even have the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell whose little black book contained familiar names from the DC swamp and Hollyweird. Needless to say….If indictments didn’t arise from the Anthony Wiener / Hunter Biden laptops, why would we think anything meaningful would result from the conviction of Maxwell and the associated EVIDENCE OF CHILD SEX CRIMES?!?

Sure enough….Judge Alison Nathan to the rescue!

In some sort of benevolent and self righteous display of dark kindness, Judge Alison Nathan, touting her concern for the collective good, decided to seal the evidence contained in Maxwell’s little black book of contacts/customers.

Sadly all three branches of government are broken and non-responsive to our input and their constitutional restraints. Otherwise evidence like this AND SOOOOOO MUCH MORE would be promptly investigated and put before a Grand Jury. In this case, so far, Epstein ran a international modern day Brownstone Operation until he got caught and Clinton’d; Maxwell got caught and happened to live long enough to fall on her sword;……Take one for the team……And the bastards that sexually abused these kids get a free pass.

We have a government full of corrupted and bought-off politicians that we can’t seem to get out of office with a crowbar yet we sit idly by on the sidelines when WE KNOW that some of these evil criminals reside on the pages of Maxwell’s little black book, which is now evidence in state custody. Revealing this evidence to prosecutors so they can begin indictments would IMMEDIATELY vacate some seats throughout government.

Let’s NOT stop there though…..

We should follow those indictments anywhere they go! The government swamp. The privileged of Hollyweird. The crybabies of Pro Sports…..ALL OF THEM! This will be like pulling a thread on a sweater…..It will just all start to fall apart. There’s no honor among thieves so they’ll surely start throwing each other under the bus. Each hoping to get just one last unearned favor.

Demand that Judge Alison Nathan unseal this critical evidence or risk being impeached from her position for Obstruction of Justice. Call your congresscritter and insist that they do weekly wellness checks on the Wiener/Biden laptops as we don’t want them to end up like Seth Rich. But DO something! We never follow through. How many times have you heard about law enforcement catching someone with child porn? Many times they’re arrested and convicted. Now, think again, how many times did you hear a followup detailing the disposition of all these molested children identified in the pornographic material they held in evidence? Yeah….Me neither!

Would it be unreasonable for us to think money (the root of all evil) might help us connect the dots and shine the light on political allegiances? Let’s find out!

Another good place to find potential child trafficking is CPS/Foster Care. In Massachusetts, the 2017 State Auditor’s report of DCF revealed that over 100 children were knowingly raped or sexually abused and the events were NOT reported to anyone as a matter of internal policy. That’s right! All these people working for agencies that exist to protect children, each one a “Mandated Reporter” that is required by law to report potential child abuse. And that number was just the abused kids identified during the audit period and NOT throughout the entire life of DCF/Foster Care.









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    © 2024 Red Pill Politics – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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    1. These sick predators are everywhere! EVERYONE should check their state’s Sex Offender Registry to see where some of them are. I say some because these are only the convicted sex offenders that bothered to register with the local LE as required. Many don’t and many are on the lamb from other states. We’re slathered in pedophiles! Make sure you know what door your kid is knocking on Halloween or looking for a lawn mowing job. Here’s the link to the SORB for Massachusetts. Perverts are flocking to the Commonwealth because you’d swear the laws were written by pedophiles.

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