I was born and raised in a small town in western Massachusetts with a long family lineage in the area as well. My Father and Grandfather were skilled machinists and my Mother and Grandmother were dedicated homemakers. My Grandparents owned a small gentleman’s farm and sold my parents their first acre of property for one dollar, which is where they got their start.

My parents were 19 years old when I was born so while they were still sewing their wild oats, I was developing a significantly deeper relationship with my Grandparents and a era slowly slipping away. I spent my entire childhood hunting, fishing, working in the garden, working in the shop, and tending daily responsibilities with my Grandparents. Every moment was a learning experience. Not only did I learn good work ethics and build upon the skills needed to conquer a particular task, but they always found a way to instill in me a set of morals and standards that would make me a good man, a good spouse, a good Father, and a upstanding asset to any community I lived in. I was taught, by example, to always tell the truth and always be willing to help others in need.

After several years as a young adult getting kicked around by the real world, I went on to settle down (sorta). I now had two sons (David & Luke) and pursued my degree in Environmental Science Technology. Indeed my plate was full.

Unfortunately my kids were initially subjected to the hazards and limitations of the government schools, However, upon seeing first hand for myself, as Chair of the school district’s Parent Advisory Counsel, how infiltrated “Public Education” had gotten, I promptly withdrew my children and homeschooled them. As a result, my kids are productive employed members of society and have been known to say “please” and “thank you” and will hold the door for a lady.

A few more years go by and I find myself with two adult kids making their way through life and me with empty nest syndrome. Since my sons Mother and I went our separate ways shortly after they left home, I now had time to fill and ambitions to pursue.

Although I maintained a noteworthy level of constitutional activism throughout the time I was also raising children, I was now in a position to re-engage with my patriot network in a much more substantial way. My kids were now legal adults, fully aware of their political surroundings and I was now immune to potential retaliatory threats from Deep State surrogates like DCF.

Then…..Without warning…..Along comes Cynthia!

I was hosting our 4th Annual Flag Day Second Amendment Rally with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Jeanette Finicum as featured guest speakers. There were about 500 people there but there was only one…..with big green eyes….that captured my attention.

The event went well….I went in to hot pursuit….and we got married a few months later!

It didn’t take long before I started working on her to help broaden the reach and appeal of Red Pill Politics. There weren’t a lot of husband/wife broadcasters out there and I was convinced this would be popular with middle class America.

Sexy…..Snarky…..And wide awake!

She finally agreed to do the weekly Sunday live stream with me and the mix of newsworthy discussion with the standard spousal banter was a hit.


Red Pill Politics started purely by chance when I got my two sons involved in a homeschool project that involved youth broadcasting. I was brainstorming one day about what creative things I could include in their curriculum when I remembered getting an email from a “Barn Raising Party” for a new radio station/tower coming on line.

They were looking for youth broadcasters so I put in a Program Proposal. It actually sounded fun and interesting so since I had to drive an hour each way for the kids show, I decided to put in a Program Proposal of my own. Both were accepted and Red Pill Politics was born. The kids did their show for a year or so, until they discovered rock bands & girls, but I went on to broadcast for 3 1/2 years at WXOJ 103.3 fm. By the time I left I held a station record for fundraising and one for interviewing three sitting Congressmen in a single one hour show.

I expanded in to several adventures in community access TV as well. Although I was taking a break from the strict weekly production commitments for a while, I used the time to research and observe audience trends and the jump in technological (streaming) advancements that was profoundly shaping social media. So I geared-up the studio, laid out a new broadcast schedule, and developed a modernized distribution strategy.

Today Red Pill Politics is syndicated through my Saturday show on Republic Broadcasting Network, the Sunday multi-stream to Roku, IPMNation and a blast to numerous social media platforms and a third distribution point of weekly content at Catching Fire News. Moreover, as the MSM numbers tank, we’re perfectly positioned to take advantage of the new surge in independent media content providers. A entirely new evolution of independent media networks are currently emerging and Red Pill Politics is going to be part of it.









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