Karen was raised in a modest home in a small California farming community where she developed her core beliefs as a social and fiscal conservative. Her grandparents immigrated from Japan and Poland. Although her grandparents were prevented from becoming naturalized citizens until their sunset years, they raised their children to be proud Americans. Her father […]


    This Saturday was the Second Annual Re-Founding Father’s Day Festival in Massachusetts hosted by Super Happy Fun America. SHFA formed a few years ago shortly after their “Straight Pride Parade” caused progressive commies from across the nation to come completely unglued and made national news. Although the Democrat’s Marxist Mercenaries (ANTIFA & BLM) attempted to […]


    Back in the mid 90’s, shortly after the UN Rio Earth Summit where Agenda 21 was set in to motion, the government, through Fisheries & Wildlife agencies, conducted a computer modeling project called Daisyworld. Liaisons approached colleges and universities in search of volunteers to participate in this effort and I was one of two people […]

  • NDAA: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

    The first National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed in 1961 and is the legislative mechanism that authorizes and defined the agencies within the Department of Defense tasked with national defense. This has taken place annually as a two part set whereby the NDAA is the oversight mechanism and the subsequent appropriations bills is the […]

  • New Resource-Track Stock Trades Of Politicians

    There’s very little doubt by Americans that government has gotten way too big and broadly corrupted by corporate dollars and globalist agenda’s. They view the oath of office as a mere formality in order to get the keys to their office rather than a constitutional creed by which they will serve the public and our […]


    Government now has numerous laptops full of evidence of child porn and organized trafficking and we even have the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell whose little black book contained familiar names from the DC swamp and Hollyweird. Needless to say….If indictments didn’t arise from the Anthony Wiener / Hunter Biden laptops, why would we think anything […]

I checked in with Jared Yanis of Guns & Gadgets for a real-time update on a variety of sweeping gun control bills. Jared is one of the scheduled speakers at the 9th Annual Flag Day Second Amendment Rally.

Howdy Folks! We sure are excited to be nearly ready to launch our new website. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re almost there. Meanwhile, we want to provide you with a few links to our existing shows and archives. There’s a LOT more great stuff planned for the site, but this will help keep us connected during this age of “Cancel-Culture” and big-government censorship.

After enduring waves of anti free speech policies that resulted in devastating losses of content and supporters, I knew we had to change our way of distributing material and maintaining the connection to our audience of patriots……..Adapt and overcome! So I spoke to my “most beautiful wife and quippy co-host, Cynthia” and met with my existing network distributors to discus our options. As it turns out, I’m happy to say, this was the perfect time to retool and restructure.

The problem Red Pill Politics was experiencing is systemic and was being felt by all non-progressive entities and across all major big-tech-influenced platforms. The MSM confidence is in steep decline, yet despite massive de-platforming efforts, independent media outlets that have divorced themselves of big-tech control have surged. So we studied the situation and assessed the available resources. What we’ve put together is a completely restructured and decentralized way of distributing/archiving content AND maintaining a highly productive intellectual environment to interact with our audience of patriots.

So the new RedPillPolitics.TV website is going to be much more than a clearinghouse for videos. It’s going to be a productive interactive laboratory of liberty and constitutional activism. For now, please subscribe and connect with us on the following platforms.

  • RUMBLE – So far, Rumble has maintained reasonable content policies and hasn’t engaged in the same censoring/de-platforming policies that we’ve seen with the other big-tech platforms. I post nearly all live streams, weekly broadcasts, and special interviews on Rumble. PLEASE subscribe and share this channel with your network.
  • YOUTUBE – Cindy and I have been contributing videos to our YT channel for years. Due to the combination of Cancel-Culture and their highly progressive “Community Standards”, this platform, though once vibrant and full of potential, is now a increasingly hostile environment for open dialogue and free speech. We will probably continue to post our regular Sunday show and some other fluffy content there, but don’t expect to see any content related to vaccine awareness, pro Second Amendment, exposing CRT, or child grooming there! They actually support that crap!
  • REPUBLIC BROADCASTING NETWORK – Every Saturday I do a live 2 hr. broadcast to the Republic Broadcasting Network from 10 pm to midnight eastern time. Aside from the live feed at RBN (linked). you can also catch the live stream video on our Rumble channel or the backup stream on our Twitch channel.
  • CATCHING FIRE NEWS – Catching Fire News was created by the founder of The American Policy Center, Tom DeWeese. Tom was one of my most influential and earliest mentors related to my understanding of UN Agenda 21 (2030) and the various pathways to being domesticated right into our communities. I was honored to be included as one of the content providers for Catching Fire News upon it’s resent launch. Red Pill Politics will be posting weekly contributions to CFN to help bring awareness and organization to local civic engagement.
  • IPMNation – IPM stands for “Innovative, Provocative, & Mobile”. We currently multi-stream our Sunday show to several places including IPMNation on channel one every Sunday evening from 7-9 pm eastern. I got involved with IPMNation shortly after a long time friend from New Hampshire, Jen Coffey, tuned in to our regular live stream. We reconnected and she invited me to include Red Pill Politics on their network.
  • BAY STATE EDUCATION ALLIANCE – Government schools (commonly referred to as “Public Schools”) are nothing short of a hot mess! Basic knowledge and fostering critical thinking skills has taken a backseat to Cultural Marxism and child grooming! Completely reforming this broken system is going to be a long term effort, but entirely necessary. However, we MUST do something on the short term to protect the children currently trapped within this failed and dangerous system. Therefore I highly recommend that you consider sharing the BSEA website with parents seeking an immediate alternative to Government Schools. I’m honored to be a Board member of this fantastic organization.
  • ANNUAL FLAG DAY SECOND AMENDMENT RALLY – As many of you know, for nine years and counting, the Annual Flag Day Second Amendment Rally has become a Summer favorite for us. It’s like a giant patriot family reunion……surrounded by hundreds of patriotic Americans……young and old alike. This is a full day rain or shine family friendly event. This year’s event is on Saturday June 11th at the Century Sportsman’s Club in Auburn MA. Next year is the BIG 10th Anniversary Rally!









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