J6 Political Prisoners Speak Out As Government Coverup Continues.

This week I’ll be interviewing J6 political prisoners, Daniel Goodwyn and Felicia Konold, on my RBN broadcast. My first introduction to Daniel was during our New Year’s Eve Mini Marathon when he came on to discus the “Stop Hate” organization, which is a nationwide group that supports J6 political prisoners. Daniel will be joining us […]

Red Pill Politics (12-17-22) Weekly RBN Broadcast – The Naughty List

Red Pill Politics (12-17-22) – Weekly RBN Broadcast – The Naughty List. Saturday’s at 10pm Eastern Topics include but are NOT limited to….. * Catastrophic Contagion – “Event 201” Part 2; Predictive Programming; Dead Children Everywhere. * Progressives and Presstitutes Drop Like Flies After Free Speech Vaccine. * Deep State Update; De-Banking As A Means […]


Back in the mid 90’s, shortly after the UN Rio Earth Summit where Agenda 21 was set in to motion, the government, through Fisheries & Wildlife agencies, conducted a computer modeling project called Daisyworld. Liaisons approached colleges and universities in search of volunteers to participate in this effort and I was one of two people […]

NDAA: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

The first National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed in 1961 and is the legislative mechanism that authorizes and defined the agencies within the Department of Defense tasked with national defense. This has taken place annually as a two part set whereby the NDAA is the oversight mechanism and the subsequent appropriations bills is the […]


Government now has numerous laptops full of evidence of child porn and organized trafficking and we even have the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell whose little black book contained familiar names from the DC swamp and Hollyweird. Needless to say….If indictments didn’t arise from the Anthony Wiener / Hunter Biden laptops, why would we think anything […]