Back in the mid 90’s, shortly after the UN Rio Earth Summit where Agenda 21 was set in to motion, the government, through Fisheries & Wildlife agencies, conducted a computer modeling project called Daisyworld. Liaisons approached colleges and universities in search of volunteers to participate in this effort and I was one of two people from my college that volunteered.

We spent a series of days in computer labs at the Fisheries & Wildlife headquarters. Each person had their own computer station and simulation platform independent of all the others meaning that each station was a individual experimental model.

Each person had a planet that was about 1/4 land and 3/4 water orbiting around a sun. The only two things that lived on this planet was white daises and black daisies. The functional difference between the two was their associated “albedo” affect. Albedo is the measurable difference between an object’s ability to reflect radiant light from the sun; white daisies are close to zero because they reflect most of the light and the black daisies are close to 100 because they absorb most of the radiant energy.

The ultimate goal for each of us was to achieve that perfect ratio of white/black daisies that would maintain our planet within a livable temperature range. If our planet got too hot, we added more white daisies. If our planet started to get too cold, we added black daisies. It sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

Well as it turned out, things aren’t always as simple as they seem. Forget about the fact that nowhere in life is there a system with only two finite variables, we learned that even these two tightly limited variables exhibited characteristics that took the participants by surprise. For example a simple lag phase where the measurable results from the tweaking of a couple daisies doesn’t manifest until it’s too late. Over compensation as a temperature threshold approached was common.

We all started at a point where the temperature swings were narrow and the more we tweaked the more extreme the temperature extremes became. Soon the computer lab began to thin out as some participant turned their planet into a ball of ice and others burn theirs to a crisp. The rest of us were in a constant state of panic trying to predict lag phases at each end of extreme swings, hoping that the last tweak will keep the planet within the livable range.

Now you’d think that this would be a clear signal to the scientific community and government alike that humans should tread very lightly (if at all) when it comes to manipulating the environment,,,,,,but NO!

This is just one isolated case where government selectively defies science (and logic) in pursuit of some dissociative external agenda. That agenda is Agenda 21 (2030). Fueled by the currents of globalization, governments of the world have seized upon this as a opportunity to politicize and monetize natural processes (climate) and human necessities (food-water-air). Weaponize them as a means of global control of every last carbon-spewing person.

Limnologists will tell you that light degrades exponentially with every cubic foot of water and limit plant growth, yet brainiacs in California want to just randomly pump countless bubbles into the oceans. Doing this will also have countless reactions that will ripple, systemically, throughout every aquatic organism. It changes the natural water chemistry AND impacts the specific gasses that are generated and released into the atmosphere. They claim that this manipulation of the ocean will alter it’s albedo and reflect more solar radiation. Government thinks we need more white daisies!

Thousands of people were swiftly labeled as conspiracy theorists for questioning chemtrails and demanding to know what they’re spraying on us. Of course chemtrails was deemed utterly laughable, but “GeoEngineering” the atmosphere in the name of climate resilience is another thing altogether. Regardless, again, government has an agenda that requires authoritarian control over EVERYTHING you depend on to live.

Last week the Bidenistas came to the Commiewealth of Taxachusetts threatening more executive action on climate change if Congress failed to act as expected. Although he didn’t issue the Executive Order,it’s not hard to extrapolate his treasonous intent from Biden’s last Executive Order.

This is NOT about the climate;
It’s about CONTROL!









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