There’s very little doubt by Americans that government has gotten way too big and broadly corrupted by corporate dollars and globalist agenda’s. They view the oath of office as a mere formality in order to get the keys to their office rather than a constitutional creed by which they will serve the public and our nation. They get filthy rich by selling us out and trading our American values away.

Common sense dictates that something is afoul when the standard salary of a member of Congress is $174,000 ($193,400 for leadership) yet they quickly become millionaires and nearly impossible to get out of office. Let’s take a look at a good current example of corruption in action…

Last Sunday ZeroHedge reported that Nasty Pelosi disclosed on Thursday that she exercised options to sell Apple & VISA while exercising $8 million buy option for semiconductor giant NVIDIA. The very next day, Friday, she publicly through her full support behind the languishing CHIPS Act that would inject $52 Billion in government subsidies (your tax dollars) into the semiconductor industry. When the news of her pledge to pass the CHIPS Act hit the news, NVIDA stock jumped by 4% overnight. Now let’s do some basic math….

Pelosi bought $8 million in NVIDIA stock which went up by 4% one day after her announcement. So .04% of $8,000,000 is $200,000 in profit almost overnight. That one announcement during a press conference netted her $6,600 MORE THAN HER ANNUAL SALARY!

Obviously a generous salary alone is NOT enough to keep politicians righteous and corruption at bay. However, CONSTANT VIGILANCE will help greatly. We need millions of eyes continuously combing through all the activities and investments of this den of vipers. Politicians AND their corrupters should be immediately and publicly exposed and called out. These truths must be saved and ready to broadcast throughout their campaign trail. Let there be no rest for the wicked and let there be no place to hide from their civic indiscretions.

One of the available online resources used to monitor the trading activity of government is a site called Smart Insider which allows you to search stock trading activity of individual members of Congress or by industry. They even have a “60 Day Activity” widget to evaluate recent trends. You’ll now be able to find Smart Insider in the “Resources” section of the site for your reference.

Let’s look at Pelosi’s donation activity and trends on OpenSecrets….

It appears that her comrades on the fundraising team are in a panic and in overdrive for the 2021-2022 cycle!….o_0

What do YOU think is going on?









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